Sunday, August 22, 2010

CCLC Working in Zambia

We just got done with a meeting with Pastor Yumba, president of the Congregation Confessionnelle Lutherienne Au Congo (CCLC). He was working today near the Zambia border south of Lubumbashi. We had visited this area a week ago and tried to cross over into Zambia for a quick look around but we weren't allow. Today he told us that he has a contact in Zambia who is working to translate Lutheran materials into Bemba, the local dialect of the north part of the country. He is planning to begin a Lutheran congregation in Zambia and Pastor Yumba is assisting him in his efforts. Virtually all of the materials we have sent and made available to Pastor Yumba and the CCLC are in French and Swahili but they speak English in Zambia so we plan to send a few English resources so they can be translated into Bemba more easily.

Please pray that the Lord will bless this fledgling effort to spread the truth of God's Word in Zambia!

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